Where are they now?


Rob at the time was a trainee radio tech. He stayed with his original employer until he retired in mid 2004, and today he programs music for his trio Next Best Thing. In the intervening decades he has rarely been out of a working band of some sort. Since 2011 he has been the bassist and MD of The Starliners - a 60s girl group tribute show. He has produced two CDs for that show, and also a couple of CDs for Paul who has been writing religious themed music over the intervening years. .

Patrick started out then as an admin clerk for the NSW Police, and he recently retired from a related area, an executive at the NSW DPP. He performed as a solo singer/guitarist for many years and still plays today in a charity group providing entertainment at various institutions.

Paul resigned from a band he was in with Rob in 1971 and quit his day job to follow a vocation to become a catholic priest in a teaching order. He is still in that occupation and teaches at a major boarding college in Toowoomba, Qld. Paul was always a great athlete, and in addition to teaching, he plays and coaches sports to this day, having coached a number of top athletes (including some Wallabies) while they were school students. With music, he went on to learn more formally, and can play guitar,piano, flute and cello. These days he writes original material in the Christian music genre, and has released two CDs (produced by Rob) of his material.

John worked most of his career in the insurance industry from which he retired a few years ago. He doesn't play much these days, other than the occasional round of golf. OK, a LOT of rounds of golf. For a couple of M'n'M private appearances in 2007, he did do some serious guitar homework which saw his fingers come out of retirement.

Jimmy was the youngest of us and didn't make it past Christmas Eve 1981 when he died in a car accident. After M'n'M and The Seen he became in demand as a drummer and went on to play in well known bands such as Black Feather and Flake.

Me'n'Mine at the top of the stairs leading from the shop to the residence above Penson's Milk Bar on the corner of Haldon and Gillies St Lakemba.
Rob, Pat, Paul, John (standing), Jimmy (sitting)
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