Happy Together

Recorded 17 September 2005.

Run For Your Life

Recorded 17 September 2005.  The lead guitar solo was pasted together from multiple attempts at separate phrases (guitar solos are not our strong point). There is a bit of video experimentation with 2 Askews appearing beside each other playing two different guitars.

She's Not There

Recorded 18 October 2009.
This hit from The Zombies was performed by Me n Mine not long after its release. The keyboard solo was found on the web - the player is unknown (none of us can do Rod Argent that well). We would have had a guitar solo in our 66 version.

Yackandandah's Home To Me

Video Recorded 10 November 2009.
This is a Patrick McMahon original. Lindsay Askew contributed the Western Swing feel and the excellent lead guitar work. Backing harmony by Paul & Rob. Also starring Jackie the old cattle dog, who used to be Rob's mum's companion.

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